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Global Evangelical Ministries Financial Policy

Global Evangelical Ministries is built upon Jesus Christ—our Savior and Lord. There is no place in the Scriptures where Jesus Christ publically or privately pleaded to any one for financial assistance. Though His money policy is not recorded in Scripture, we do know that Judas Iscariot was responsible for their money bag. Thus, monetary contributions were received. His earthly ministry went forward while He walked on this earth in the form of a man; but more amazingly, His ministry is ongoing in and through the lives of His many stewards since He ascended into heaven. He has privileged the Board of Directors of GEM USA to be His stewards for this ministry.

As shown on the web site, we currently need $30.00 a month to support one orphan. As this ministry takes in more orphans, the cost will continue to increase to meet their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs. We continue to assist widows who are in need, though direct financial assistance has been altered in other tangible ways which is explained in the web site on our Widows page.

We are building a campus for GEM INDIA that will ultimately have housing for at least 50 female orphans and 50 male orphans, housing for the staff, housing for the seminary students, an educational structure for the seminary, a medical clinic, a private English school for grade one to grade twelve, a cafeteria that can serve up to 200 people at one time, and a church building. Most of these buildings will be three to four stories high. Construction is determined as God leads the USA Board of Directors. Financial gifts are deposited in the GEM USA bank account. This money is disseminated carefully and appropriately. This ministry does not and will not build and/or expand the outreach beyond our financial means. We do not and will not borrow money to build and/or to expand the outreach.

Though construction plans will vary from county to country, GEM TANZANIA, GEM ALBANIA, GEM MACEDONIA, AND GEM GHANA will also require facilities to meet the needs of those who are being rescued. As God continues to open doors to our current countries and other potential countries, the needs will continue to expand. God’s work will continue to expand as much as He decides. If expansion ends, we will inform our supporters. Being stewards of His work, we will keep you informed of construction projects and how many people we are serving in these various locations, but we will not tell you the financial needs, which are always before us, unless you privately ask us. We have and will continue to request financial support from various corporate and private foundations that could be interested in this ministry. 

God is superior to us of informing you of the needs. If God leads you to give monthly, quarterly, annually, or even a one time gift, we of Global Evangelical Ministries will be most grateful. At this time, our GEM USA primary state-side expense is to pay for this web site. Currently, 95-98 percent of all contributions are used overseas. If in the future, our state-side percentage of expenses changes significantly, we will post it in this policy document. 

Please ask God what He wants you to do with GEM. Perhaps, you will have no God-led interest. Perhaps you will pray on a consistent basis for this God-led ministry. Perhaps you will help support this God-led ministry through consistent prayer and consistent financial assistance. Whatever amount of money the Spirit of God leads you to give is the correct amount. A $1.00 gift is as valuable in God’s perspective as a $100,000.00 gift. He knows our limitations and/or our abundance. He knows your heart. Please give the money unto the Lord, and you will be blessed by God in whatever way He desires to bless you.

Serving God,

Bernie WoldScott Christen Deborah WoldJill Christen
  President              Vice-President/Secretary               Treasurer                     Board Member