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Throughout the world there is a terrible lack of spiritual, physical, psychological, and educational concern for those who are in desperate situations. Who will help these abandoned ones, the destitute, the displaced, these outcasts of society? Who will reach out to these orphans, the fatherless, these widows, these who are homeless, helpless, and without hope?
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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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Global Evangelical Ministries (GEM) provides the answer. Following the mission set forth by Reverend Joseph Murala, GEM is busy building (see latest photos) its first campus in INDIA to house orphans and widows – to teach them a trade, feed and clothe them, inspire them and provide a strong foundation
of love, hope and Christian beliefs to ensure their futures.

Additionally, GEM recently reached out with support to TANZANIA.

Won't you join us in making a difference? One-time donations or monthly contributions allow GEM to extend its reach and touch more lives. Newsletters give you the opportunity to stay in touch with the orphans, widows, and the GEM staff, knowing you do make a difference. Become a part of the growth and ministry of GEM and watch lives change - helping give orphans and widows a future.
3 New Orphan Boys Join GEM
July 2010
Peter Hoetter with a few students in Tanzania
Read a letter from Rev. Joseph Murala about board members' trip in Summer 2009
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