Dec. 2005

Hello Family and Friends,

It is with renewed excitement that I update all of our partners through prayer and financial support. We at GEM are most grateful for you. Just for your information, the Board of Directors freely gives of their time, prayers, and financial support to GEM.

It was a real education to experience India in June with our Vice-President, Scott Christen. We financed our travel expenses ourselves so the funds in our GEM bank account could be used to help the people overseas. It was a cultural shock of great magnitude to visit India. The state of Andhra Pradesh, where we visited, is one of the poorest states in India. Before flying to India, I was told by a Christian brother that what we would experience would be indescribable. That person was correct! Scott and I were appalled at the extreme poverty we witnessed. We drove for seven hours from Hyderbad to Vijayawada and saw the same living conditions the entire trip. Our spirits were sickened by what we saw. The sewer systems were backed up everywhere. There was garbage in so many places. We were amazed that people could actually survive in these unhealthy and dirty conditions.

While there, an Indian Christian pastor told me, “India is the seat of Satan.” The religion of Hinduism is so destructive to the peoples’ lives. It seems that the prevailing attitude is that in the next reincarnated, life it will be better. There is a tremendous evil spiritual oppression over this country that affects the peoples’ desires to be industrious. We sensed this oppression as our plane approached the city of Mumbai’s (west India) airport. We arrived around 9:00PM and stayed in a local hotel the first night. Evil was so prevalent in the streets that it alarmed us. The people of this city live in great spiritual darkness. We felt some relief from the spiritual oppression when we flew out of Mumbai the next morning to Hyderbad (east India). When we did fly away from India, we felt the evil oppression leave us.

Using your generous donations, we purchased 1.43 acres of land in a rural part of Andhra Pradesh. Due to the small amount of land we purchased, we will build structures that are three stories high. Our facilities will accommodate up to 60 orphans, 20 widows, 60 seminary students, and the faculty needed to teach. We will have dormitories, classrooms, living quarters for faculty, a kitchen and dining facility, a library, a small medical clinic, a faculty lounge/counseling room, an administrative office and a church building. Our land is adjacent to a village of 250+ Indians who have requested that we build a church for them to attend. We met many qualified Indian Christians who can teach at the seminary. We want the staff to be Indians because they are most qualified to work with their people.

Our primary focus for this year is to raise funds so that we are able to build the campus. Our target date is October or November, 2006, if God allows. Please pray for this ministry and also ask God if you are able to help financially. We currently have a very limited number of financial supporters.

May this Thanksgiving be a time of special awareness, recognition, and gratefulness for all the ways that God has blessed you this past year.

Desiring that Jesus work in and through us,

Bernie Wold
President, Global Evangelical Ministries

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