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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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Christmas 2008
"From the persecution of unsaved humanity, the Body of Christ matures. From the blood of His servants, His realm gloriously expands."

Since last September to the present, Hindu radicals have conducted brutal attacks against Christians. These attacks spread to the state of Karnataka which is also under the ruling of a Hindu supporting government. Nearly six churches were burned. Please pray for us as there are persecutions going on around us here against the Christian faith. Some pastors have been killed, some nuns have been raped, and many Christians have fled into the forests. By the grace of God, in our state of Andhra Pradesh, the chief minister is a Christian. We are most grateful for God's protection to GEM India. Brother Joseph
God has given GEM India a tremendous Christmas gift. Originally, there were plans to build the GEM India campus in the state of Karnataka. After one year of attempting to establish a location, God closed the door. We are all the more grateful to Him for closing that door and opening another door in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We are certainly dependent on God’s wonderful omniscience. I am again reminded that we must bring everything to God in prayer so that we have His leading in all areas of our lives. Our greatest plans are subject to complete failure if we do not seek His guidance and approval.

During this past October, God directed a Christian businessman to give $10,000 for the ongoing construction costs of GEM India's campus. With this money, we are planning to build the entire compound wall, add two more stories to the orphan/staff living quarters, and finish the second story of the church. At this same time, God arranged the cost of steel in India to be at a 50 percent discount in price. If the violence continues to spread, we will allow those who are displaced to stay on the grounds of the campus until the violence ends. We want this 1.43 acres of land to be used in whatever way God wants to use it.

Sundeep, a new orphan who joined us in November 2008
Read his testimony here.

Sundeep's testimony is a combination of the Christmas and Easter stories. His testimony could not exist if it was not for the matchless and endless love of God reaching to humanity. May God open to you new insights of His ways during this Christmas season and into the New Year. "For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain." (Philippians 1:21).

We, the GEM USA Board of Directors, express our most sincere gratitude to each person who continues to pray and financially support Global Evangelical Ministries. May God continue to wonderfully bless you!

In Christ's Love,

Bernie Wold
President, Global Evangelical Ministries
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