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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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Fall 2010

Dear Supporters,

We thank you for your wonderful financial assistance of $700 for Susanna Murala. Because she also received a scholarship of $700 from AMG College of Education, the total cost for her year of schooling is paid fully. Susanna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work. Susanna went for her teacher training at the beginning of September 2010 to accomplish her one-year program which is about 130 kilometers away from GEM INDIA campus. This intensive program will allow her to finish her credentialing program in one year instead of two years. The cost of $1,400 for one intensive year is much better than paying $2,800 for two years. She resides in a hostel while attending the classes. Of course, it is painful for Susanna and her husband, Joshua, to be separated from each other for each entire semester; however, this is the best and fastest way for her to become fully qualified to teach in our future GEM school for our orphans and the local public.

Because of the previous heavy monsoonal rains, we used some of the gifts of money from GEM USA to build a raised driveway which has cement piping for the water to flow through and not over the driveway. We also made a cement wall on the two sides of the driveway to keep it secure from erosion ... click here to see the latest photos.

Construction continues with the first floor of the multi-purpose building. We still need to buy all of the necessary furniture and supplies for our orphan’s school. Please continue to pray that all is finished for the first floor of the multi-purpose building, so we are able to begin our first school year in June 2011 for the orphans and the local community. There are many details that still need be addressed before the school doors open.

By God’s grace and favor, the Institute of Community Transformation (ICT) Bible School for evangelists will be conducted on GEM INDIA campus. The director of ICT visited GEM INDIA campus. ICT is a one year evangelical training program. The program has a one month residential training and three months field ministry routine which rotates three times during the training for a total of three months of residential training and nine months of field ministry. The classes begin in January 2011. Please pray for ICT. Abraham Murala has received orientation in Hyderabad for facilitating the ICT classes. Using the multi-purpose building, these students will live in one room, use a second room for their class, and use a third room for their kitchen. ICT will provide the teachers and the curriculum. For use of the facility, ICT will freely train two of our GEM pastors. Perhaps God will lead some of these trainees to join GEM INDIA as evangelists and church planters. However, the most important matter is that all of the trainees are being trained for the ministry of Jesus Christ.
We hope to drill a second well in January. The well will be used for the school and the GEM church. Please pray that the Lord will allow us to locate a wonderful water supply even as He did with Jacob’s well which is located at the rear of the campus. We need this second well because in time there may be over 200 people on GEM INDIA Campus.

God is so gracious to us. Everyone on GEM INDIA Campus was spared the various diseases that come with the monsoonal season. We marvel at God’s direction in 2005 to buy this piece of land. It is on high ground and we do not have the severe flooding problems that the other two places have where we considered building the campus. If we had not prayed about the land selection, we would have certainly made a serious error. God directed us to purchase a mango grove, remove most of the trees, and build a secure campus on secure ground. His ways are certainly superior to our ways.
Our GEM INDIA orphans are doing well physically, mentally, and spiritually. They regularly attend morning prayers and evening family devotions. They read various Bible portions one after the other. They have personal New Testament copies. They regularly attend Sunday School and worship service on Sundays. They also attend the GEM church for all-night-prayer services on the 25th of every month. They sing songs, read the Bible, and pray. They never forget to intercede for their supporters in daily family prayers. They experienced all of this after coming to GEM INDIA. GEM’s purpose is not to simply fill their bellies with food, but to fill their hearts with Jesus.
Please continue to pray for our five GEM pastors as they faithfully serve the people of Andhra Pradesh. The GEM churches, located at Leelenagar, Hyderabad, Parvathapuram, Sivapuram and Vissannapeta are growing in faith. However, congregations grow slowly in India because Indian men are opposed to Christianity. Most churches are attended by children, women, and older men. Thus, financial support for the local church is quite limited. Without the additional financial support from GEM USA, these pastors would not be able to serve their congregations. They would all need to seek some other means of employment. Thank you for your help! More information about the churches will be in a future newsletter.

We wish each prayer supporter and each financial supporter a most blessed Christmas and a blessed New Year! Without God using each of you, we would be most limited in serving orphans, widows, and others in Andhra Pradesh, helping 90 orphans in Tanzania, and assisting a missionary couple, Ian and Caralee Loring, with their various ministries in Albania. May God continue to bless you, meet your physical and spiritual needs, and reveal Himself to you in marvelous ways during this Christmas season and in the New Year. 

Because of Christ’s love,

Bernie Wold, President
Scott Christen, Vice-President/Secretary
Debbie Wold, Treasurer
Jill Christen, Board Member
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