January-February 2005
Sunday, January 9, 2005

To:Bernie Wold, President, GEM
Re:GEM Relief for Tsunami Victims

Dear Brother Bernie,

After receiving the precious gift from you, we purchased one hundred blankets, since this is very cold weather here for the victims of the tsunami. Yesterday, I visited some of the victims with my son, Abraham Sadheer, along with a member of our committee and a press reporter. We distributed blankets in two villages, Balanagar and Vadepalem. These needy places were surveyed, identified and recommended by the staff of World Vision. The victims are agricultural laborers and fishermen who are mostly half-naked and half-fed due to their very low income. I was so much moved by seeing their situation.

We are very much satisfied about our distribution because we gave to the deserving victims. They lost their fishing nets and small boats and are now left with no means of income. We spent about $200 for this distribution and plan to use the other $100 for a get together meeting with many of them as they are mentally depressed. We have taken a few pictures of our distribution which we will email to you soon (see below). This news of our distribution is also published in two of our leading daily news papers in Telugu. Really, the Holy Spirit led us in a right way. I personally appreciate and thank you for your timely reaction and response. I love you, my brother.

With prayers, Rev. Joseph Murala

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Tsunami victims in India are helped by GEM with food and clothing.
Tsunami Orphaned Children
The Times Of India
Feb. 3, 2005

Separated Children
4,250 ... ages 0-5
4,350 ... ages 6-10
3,200 ... ages 11-18

Injured Children
944 ... ages 0-5
500 ... ages 6-10
600 ... ages 11-18

Children Who Lost a Parent
800 ... ages 0-5
400 ... ages 6-10
250 ... ages 11-18
Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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