March-April 2005

Easter Greetings!

Here’s what’s going on at GEM. Board members, Scott Christen and Bernie Wold have their visas in hand and tickets purchased to fly to India on the 17th of June till the 30th. They will be staying in Vijayawada, India. Joseph Murala, founder of GEM, has been led to center our initial ministry in Vijayawada (closer to the Bay of Bengal), in the Indian state of Andra Pradesh. Joseph is very hopeful we’ll find the land needed there for our first campus. During their trip, Bernie and Scott will be working with Joseph on securing the land, planning the campus and meeting with the staff, the orphans and widows. Expect to see a lot of photos and a lengthy report when they return.

Land prices in Vijayawada range from $5,000 an acre and up and we’ve been informed that we need 3 acres for our campus (by Mr. Wes Syverson, of Tech Serve, a non-profit, Christian organization that helps build orphanages around the world among other things). As of now, we only have funds for 1 acre of land.

Currently, we have 10 monthly supporters for the widows and orphans and we have had 12 one-time givers. We are very grateful for all the help. When we first started out in June of 2004 we only had 2 monthly supporters! So, we have increased 500 fold.

Our March trip to Arkansas was cancelled as Tech Serve said there was no need to make plans with an architect until we have the land and its dimensions. So, the plans to draw up a campus are postponed for the time being.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Bernie and Scott will need your prayers especially as they prepare for the trip.

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