May-June 2005

Hello Family and Friends,

We returned on Thursday from our 2 week trip (India 180). What an experience and a blessing. Bernie, (my friend and president of Global Evangelical Ministries) and I traveled to India to work with and visit our Founder & friend Rev. Joseph Murala. Thank you all who were praying for us and supporting us on this adventure to Vijayawada, India (two full days of travel each way)

We went with some goals in mind to accomplish:
1) To go and see first hand the great need there as we desire to help meet the needs of the many orphans and widows of south India.
2) To purchase some land to begin building a campus to assist those needs.
3) To encourage those who we are working with there in India. The Lord was gracious and allowed us to accomplish all of these and to also be personally blessed and encouraged by our visit.

India is a very, very different world than here in the U.S. It is approximately 90% Hindu with this being evident by the many idol statues and temples filling the cities and villages. It is like going back in time seeing the way the people live there; many with stick houses and thatched roofs, running water outside the house, many bathe outside, many outdoor toilets, and not many modern conveniences. It is a very dark and depressed society spiritually for the most part.

We were able to meet the orphans that we have been supporting (as an organization) this past year, and meet those that are serving there. The Lord is doing a great work in spite of the spiritual darkness covering this country. We were able to attend and participate in five different gospel meetings that some Hindus also attended. To see the Christians there hungry to learn more of God's word was very encouraging.

It was a very busy and rewarding trip. We were able to purchase a 1½ acre lot, on a mango grove, where we will begin building a campus as the Lord allows. First a church building, (very simple, not like ours here) and then some dormitories for the orphan children and widows also. We will move ahead as the Lord provides the means to do so.

We really feel blessed returning to the U.S. where we have so much to be thankful for. Thank you all again for your support and prayers.
Love, Scott

P.S.: We named out trip India 180 because of its physical location compared to the U. S. and also the many examples of how our societies are completely 180 degrees different in the way we do things:
1. They eat with their hands not utensils.
2. Drive on the left side of the roads.
3. Fight their way through intersections instead of waiting for the lights and there are no stop signs.
4. The men walk ahead of the women and enter the buildings first.
5. Cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and many cows, goats, water buffaloes and many other animals all share the small roads there.
6. Men eat first while the women serve.
7. Guests eat first while the hosts serve.
8. They take off their shoes before entering all buildings and don't wear socks.
9. Their almost never in a hurry unless they are driving somewhere, then it's like their going to a fire.
10. They don't use any toilet paper (the left hand is considered unclean).

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