Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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November 2006

“Arise, Lord! Lift up Your hand, O God. Do not forget the helpless. You are the helper of the fatherless … the Lord is King for ever and ever….You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; You encourage them, and You listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, in order that man, who is of the earth, may terrify no more” (Psalm 10:12, 14d, 16a, 17, 18).

Letter from India:

Dear Scott,
     I have started a small Church at Kamayyathopu, Vijayawada. It is on the way to Vuyyuru (where my uncle is living, you have visited them). I started it with one woman in the month of January 2006. Within 15 days the number has increased up to 18. Among them 16 Hindus, one Muslim and one Christian. But after few days the Evil One began to work in the hearts of their husbands. They beat their wives for attending Church! Then the women stopped coming to my small Church. To bring many people in to Christ, I am constantly visiting the neighbourhood houses and sharing Gospel to them. In the first week of June 2006, I have conducted a Children Bible Camp at Kamayyathopu. I expected maximum 30 children, but in the starting day 50 children came, next day 65 children came, and final day total children were 75!! Soon after that, I announced that every Sunday 10A.M to 11 A.M worship for Children. Now every Sunday 20 children are regularly coming for this worship. And from 11:30 to 12:30 A.M. Worship for Youth. The number of youth are 5. And from 1P.M. to 2:30 common Worship. At present 9 members are coming for this worship. I am doing this Church planting with a vision. Whatever responsibility that God is giving to me, I must do it faithfully and carefully. This is my heart desire, and I am trying my best. Tomorrow I am going to meet some orphans, and their guardians. Please pray so that God may give me guidance in selecting them.
You are all in our prayers...Abraham.

GEM is also helping in Albania and Tanzania. We want to also branch into China, Cameroon, Belize, Ghana, Taiwan, and where ever else the Lord leads us in His timing.

First letter from Albania:
Please pray for the protection of people in our church ... we have especially felt the battle rage lately...Marleen, our co-worker, and Director of the clinic and social work, has been physically attacked by an angry neighbor, twice now, and he has been threatening her to continue. Then yesterday another neighbor where she parks her car,  kicked her door in, so that it would not open ... she is really feeling the attack, needing to make police reports and quite shaken up ... please pray for her  protection, and that the enemy will not have his way in distracting her from  her vision and purpose here ... Also several people in ministry have been going through a difficult time, and the attitudes they have had show they are struggling (God knows who they are) ... please pray for all those involved in ministry, that they will cling to  the Lord and keep their focus in the right place, for God's protection over  their lives and decisions ... also pray for us, especially Ian, for wisdom to know  how to lead and direct and counsel.

This Sunday, Ian is preaching, and we will be doing a special service with baptisms and communion....Please pray for this service, we are hoping that it  will be a very special time. Please also pray for Elena, she is early on in a pregnancy, and has had some bleeding and the Dr. has put her on bed rest ... they are excited and worried at the same time, Elena says she has peace but really would like prayer support ... Elena is one of our Special Ed. teachers who works up at the handicapped  orphanage and with some of our PT kids and street kids ... Moza is also continuing on bed rest, she has passed the 3rd month, but still very ill and can hardly keep anything down, she also would appreciate your prayers.
We've had some especially good hospital visits lately, and have found people very open to the gospel, please pray for Guria in particular, who had been going to JW meetings but would like to come to our church once she is able to walk, the PT girls with Joan, will be visiting her today in her home. She has had many difficulties and losses in her life and I believe is depressed, we feel the Lord sent us to her at this time for a reason.

We thank you for your vital support in prayer, we are weary and need of extra prayer protection at this time ... thank you for standing with us ... I also need to write a prayer letter, which is long overdue, and am finding it difficult just getting the time to do it, but there are many people who are not on email, who have not had the updates we can do much more easily, so I  really need to do this, please pray that I will get inspired and make the time to do this.

With love,
October 7, 2006

Second letter from Albania:
Dear friends, thank you for your many responses and prayers ... we have Felt them! "But now this is what the Lord says--He who created you, O Jacob, He who formed you, O Israel: Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name: you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior ... Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you ... Do not be afraid, for I am with you..." (Is. 43: 1-5)

Marleen: She has made police reports and now has taken the statement to the judge (who was very helpful and seemed understanding of the situation, regardless of the false accusations the neighbor was making
against Marleen), next week her friend Cindy will give her witness report ... the process continues, and the neighbor has quieted down lately. We pray that the Lord will resolve this whole situation in His divine way. I read lately the promise in Proverbs: The Lord knows the way of the righteous; and will make even his enemies at peace with him (or her!)

Elena: still has the baby, has been on bed rest this month, but  returned to work this week, she is so glad to be back ... she has to be careful as any overexertion causes pain, so she is still delicate.

Albana lost her baby, but is continuing on, and doing well now. She is busy as ever.

Teuta also lost a baby this last week (it was early, 6 or 7 weeks), it has been an unusual period for pregnancy and miscarriage ... she is having a tough time dealing with this, please pray for her as she works this through.

Moza is doing much better, and is now with her mother in Librazhd. 

Arjan is away traveling for a few weeks, so it was a good time for her to be here.

Koli, the boy in Mborje, we praise God that He has warmed up the weather this week, as it was cold and we are all fearing frostbite for him ... temporarily we have found a widow who has been in the church willing to  look after  him until we find a more permanent home ... we are still praying and hoping for the  place in Shkodre ... please pray that God will open the door and  wait for His perfect timing and guidance ... his sister, Vasilika is doing very well with the sisters of Mother Theresa, they said she is making good progress.  

Maria, who we have in the Safe House, is transforming before our eyes...she now attends Kindergarden where Ashlie and Isaac went, and learning so fast, she is catching up with her age, she just turned 6 years old on Sunday. She kind of hit terrible twos last week, the staff are needing prayer in learning to care for her, and not spoil her, since those who spend most of the time with her are single or without children, it is good training and challenging.

PLEASE PRAY FOR PLATOR AND THE TV BROADCAST: Through the help and encouragement of some of you, and the clear fruit of this ministry, Platorhas decided  to do another series of broadcasts on TV ... he has been preparing, and there has certainly been obvious attack in surprising places (filming of testimony and song that didn't record, verbal criticism even from believers, etc.) it is clear that the Enemy does not want this going through ... Plator had wanted to email people to ask for prayer, and has not been able to get that done ... so on his behalf, I ask for your prayers for this ministry, for the preparation, the delivery, the recording, for him personally, and the first broadcast of this next series on Saturday evening, it will be 8:00 pm here. With thanks!!!

I have mentioned over this last year and a half about desiring and praying about starting a women's group for women in my local area ... well, it seems  it  is the Lord's timing, as it has just happened ... some of the people I had considered are part of it, and he has brought others that I hadn't thought of! We started with 4 and now there are already 8 ... we are doing the Beth Moore Breaking Free workbook ... one woman is going through an especially difficult time right now and has fallen far away from the Lord and I am concerned  about some decisions she is about to make......please pray for her(the Lord knows her name) ... and please pray for this Bible Study ... it is  on Tuesday nights.

Please pray for Ian and me, for health and time management....we are both overstretched, we now have 5 Bible Studies in our home, in addition to everything else ... I was hoping Elena could take my group in the village, but now she is unable.

Thanks for your prayers re: homeschool, I have noticed a marked difference in the last 2 weeks! Also I was able to go to a seminar organized in Tirana for homeschool families, and it was a great encouragement.

With Love,
October 30,2006

In the midst of rejoicing and weeping, God is aware of all the situations more than any of us will ever know.
Please pray for these individuals that have been mentioned in these three letters. Bring them before the throne of God. It will change the individual for whom you pray and it will also change you. May God bless you!

Desiring to allow Jesus Christ to work in and through the GEM team for His glory,

Bernie Wold
President of Global Evangelical Ministries, U.S.A.