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October 2006
Praise God, Mark Katzer, a construction man with his own business in Indiana, will be the foreman for the upcoming construction in India. Our target date to go is the last week of December, 2006. The team will stay for about two weeks working on the campus. We will build the perimeter wall to the GEM land, build a church, and build a structure to house the current staff, the orphans, and the widows. This trip will be the first of three or four trips. We will build the campus based on our funding and our volunteer labor teams. We will only build as we have the cash to build. If you are interested in accompanying the GEM work crew to India this December, please call us as soon as possible at (951) 301-4443. The coming together of these plans only occurred toward the end of September. However, God can easily coordinate all of the details as we abide in His direction. Please pray for the team that is going and all of the details that go into a project of this nature. This is God’s project. We simply want to work with Him.

Let us share a beautiful testimony from one of our current orphans. This testimony was translated by Abraham Sudheer Murala.

Testimony of Sundeep
Dear Supporters and sponsors! My name is A.Sundeep, I am studying 5th standard. I have few words of testimony to share with you.

I was born in a very poor family, my mother is a Christian, but my father is not, and he left my mother when I was 4 years old, by the time my younger sister was one year old. Still I remember my mother how much she struggled to feed and educate us. At present my father is in the Vijayawada prison. When I was at home I had friendship with bad friends that made me to become very bad. I never obeyed to my mother, and I never gone for church. I stopped my studies for one year.

During that time my mother admitted me in GEM children home. I found very hard to adjust there for few weeks and even I found very hard to continue my studies because I forgot all the things I learned in my previous school. Latter I decided to be in GEM children home, because I felt more secure here than my home. I am more scared of my father because some times he would come and beat me at my home.

I learned many good things in the GEM children home, like cleanness, obedience, respecting others, doing hard work, making friendship with good friends etc. I learned many Christian songs, Bible verses and biblical stories in GEM children home. I love everyone at GEM. I always remember you all in my daily and personal prayers please pray for me and my future. Once again I thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

This is another beautiful testimony from one of our former orphans who unfortunately is no longer with us. This testimony was translated by Abraham Sudheer Murala.

Testimony of Phanindra
Dear sponsors! I am Phanindra, studying 3rd standard. I would like to share few things that God has done in my life.

I was born in a Hindu family, I have an older sister. My father is a handicapped man with many bad habits; he never stays at my house. So my mother works and she takes care of us. Though I was studying in a school at my house, I always think about my mother and my family, and I used to cry often.

After some days my mother began to go to a church. One day the church pastor told about GEM to my mom, and she was willing to send me there. So one day she took me and admitted me in GEM children home. There really I was much encouraged and I stopped thinking about my mom and my family, because I pray and believe God will take care of my family. Now I am very much concentrating on my studies. My ambition is to become a police and help my society. When I shared this GEM gave me good encouragement and they are teaching me marathon and some out door games to get good physic. Really I love GEM and it helped me a lot in many ways. I could know more about Jesus and I believe He is the only true God.

Once again I thank you all for your kind heart to help me, everyday I am praying for you all and I expect your prayers for me.

May God continue to bless Sundeep and Phanindra.

Thank you for your ongoing support to GEM through your prayers and financial gifts. Please let others know about May God wonderfully bless you and yours.

Desiring to allow Jesus Christ to work in and through the GEM team for His glory,

Bernie Wold
President of Global Evangelical Ministries