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September 2006
This month it is important to let our supporters see the challenges that we face in India. Any task that is of eternal significance, will be constantly attacked by the enemy of God and humanity. We press forward under the guidance and grace of God. We are on the victorious side when it comes to spiritual battle. May God bless you as you read this letter from Joseph Murala’s eldest son, Abraham Sudheer Murala.

Dear Uncle Bernie,
Here are the answers for your questions. If you want any information or clarifications please let me know.
1.  If you get bonded orphans can you screen the ones you think will be good in behavior and such?  In other words, will they give you information about each one and can you ask questions about them?
Yes. I try my best to take good orphans. I will ask questions both the children and their guardians. 
2.  If you get the bonded orphans and they cause trouble like what happened to Glory with the girl orphans can they go back to the government?
Yes, if we could prove the trouble caused by the child (after warn him for several times, if he does not want to change his behavior), we can send that person(s) back to the guardians, and we will inform to the Vijayawada Child Welfare Society.
3.  If you get the bonded orphans what is the age where we are no longer responsible for them?  Is there an age or is there a time where they are responsible for themselves?
There is no particular age to make them responsible, but we will take care of them until they reach 14 or 15 years old. If the child proves him/her good, then we can keep the child for some more years. It’s our choice.
4.  Can Sundeep be bonded?  Does the family have to give up the child before they can be bonded?
So far Sundeep is not bonded, but we can take him on bond. After taking him in to our GEM Home, parents/guardians have to do nothing with the child. 
5.  What's the process of government bonding? Does the government pick them or do you get to select them?
We will select some orphan children, and we will take signatures/thumb impression from their guardians on bond agreement paper. We will submit the papers (Xerox copies), pictures of the children, and their biodatas in the Vijayawada Child Welfare Society and in local area Police Station.
6.  Why do you prefer a desk top computer versus a laptop?
Because of hot weather in India laptops are getting hardware problems. For Indian climate and for office purpose Desktop computers are good. If any repair comes to Laptop the charge is double than Desktop computer. Ex: Just for check the laptop the minimum charge is 500 Rupees, if it is Desktop the minimum charge is 200 rupees. A New Laptop piece (HP Pavilion Ze4800) costs 1100 US Dollars, with out scanner cum printer and table!!! A good desk top costs 650 US Dollars with table, scanner and printer!!
7.  We need information on the widows that have been supported. What are they doing now?  How are they? We would like to give updates to the supporters on the success of the former widows in GEM's care.
At present they are working as Bible women in their villages. They are conducting prayers and sharing the Good News to their neighbors. They are doing well.
8.  We do not understand why Vijay got a government scholarship. What does that mean?
When Vijay was in his own place (Karnataka), there were no schools in his village. So he used to walk 4 Kilometers to study in a school that is in another village. But government built a school in his place and his father compelled him to join in that school.
9.  Why did Ramesh take Ravi?
Ravi and Vijay were admitted in GEM children Home by Ramesh from his own place. Now he started an orphanage, and he took back Ravi in to his orphanage.
10.  Are there orphan prospects now that you think could be bonded in the future if you take them in? The board has made a firm commitment to help you all help the orphans and we will continue to support you for years. Our vision is COMMITMENT to help forever.
I will arrange good bonded orphan boys very shortly. Thank you for your commitment.
11.  How did your dad's conference go in the Philippines? We would like to add that kind of information to the newsletter we send out to the supporters. We need all the information you can think of to let them know what the Lord is doing through you all.
My Dad attended to Asia Evangelistic Association Conference in Philippines. It was almost two weeks program (June 3rd to 18th). The conference was conducted only for the Evangelists. The Asia Evangelistic association invited 25 evangelists from all over Asia. Joseph Murala is one among them. 
12.  We would like you to select a computer you can use. Please let us know and we will send the money when you let us know what you are wanting.
I need Desktop Computer for GEM’s office use. I hope we can save some money on this!
13.  Please wait on the car till we get more orphans and are closer to Building.  We know the car will require a lot of expense and we will of course help out in that. We remember your brother and you giving $300 towards the car!!  That was very generous of you two.
Jeep is not an urgent need now, but I will let you know whenever a used Jeep in good condition comes for sale. I will send the pics of the Jeep, mileage, engine condition, tyres etc. Uncle, please do not forget to inform about that Jeep to Aunt, Debbie. Because she can choose the right one for the GEM!!

We love you all and want the best for you all.  We pray for you daily.
With Prayers……Your son…Abraham.

Today, September 11, 2006 we are reminded of September 11, 2001. The memory of it is death, destruction, and disheartenment. However, today I celebrate on receiving this most recent letter from Abraham Murala:

Dear Uncle Bernie,
Thank you for your mail. Yes Uncle we got three full and good orphans. I am sending their pics and little information about them. At present we have some internet problems. So please cooperate with me I will send the full details very soon. Praise God!! my friend is recovering from the injuries. I am very happy, God heard our prayers and He is answering one by one. God is so good us, and He never forsake us. Uncle, here is the information.

Maddala. Prem Chand
Age:5 years
Place: Golla Gudem

Navoori. Amulya Kumar
Age"6 years
Place Kankipadu

Ghanta. Ravindra  Babu
7 years old
Place Kankipadu.

Uncle, I need to take the children to school for test ( written exam), after exam the teachers will deside their standards. Then I will let you know their standards. Thank you for your prayers and we are praying for you all.

With prayers...your son, Abraham

Regarding Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for God’s guidance in selecting the new orphans.
2. So far I met two orphans, they are “semi-orphans”, but I am focusing on “full-orphans”. Please pray so that we can get full orphans for GEM.
3. In Vijayawada I have started a small Church, these days God is really blessing that small congregation and I could start Sunday school for children and youth group also. Please pray for that small Church so that many people will come and receive Spiritual blessings.
4. Please pray for my spiritual growth. So that my relationship with the Lord will become stronger.
5. Please pray for my mother, Lalitha as she needs to under go her eyes surgery soon.
6. Please pray for finding a right life partner for me as my parents are in search.
7. Praise God we got Income Tax exemption for GEM from our government and pray for getting FCRA Number soon.

Desiring to allow Jesus Christ work in and through the GEM team for His glory,

Bernie Wold
President of Global Evangelical Ministries

P.S. We did send money a few days ago so that they were able to buy a desktop computer system.