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Spring 2010 Newsletter

Dear Supporters,

INDIA: The multi-purpose building is being constructed. This building will be three or four stories tall. It will house an administrative office, a medical clinic, and a private English school. Ultimately, we plan to teach grades one through twelve. Pictures of progress are posted on the “INDIA” link.

This is the time of year when there are large Gospel meetings in various locations in India. In the past, Pastor Joseph has been one of several pastors to speak at three to five day gatherings of Indians. Though the conversions are limited in comparison to the number attending, the gospel is still shared with all of these people. Spiritual seeds have been planted and God will continue the work in these Indians’ lives. This past month, Pastor Joseph spoke at various Gospel meetings throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh. These gatherings have ranged in number from hundreds to thousands. Many people have accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Orphans: Eight of our orphan boys come from the Hindu background and two children come from Catholicism. None of them knew how to pray to Jesus or sing a single Christian song. Now they sing in the family prayers and in church. They take turns praying and have learned many Bible stories. Now, all ten orphans have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their Savior and Lord.

Reverend Joseph Murala: We praise God for His love and answers to our prayers! By the grace of God, the slab work was finished in early April even though the extreme summer temperatures have been above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The slab work means that we finished the “roof” for the first level which in the future will be the floor for the second level. The main gate to the campus will be installed soon. Our campus looks wonderful with the third building in process and the walls on the four sides. We thank each person in the USA who has had a part in this ministry—through prayer and financial support.
With much thanks…Joseph

Violence in India: The USA government has recently issued a warning to all Americans traveling to India. There are again some terrorist threats and attacks. In addition, radical Hindus and Muslims are a constant threat to GEM INDIA and all Christians in India. Freedom of religion, as we know it in the USA, is nonexistent in the minds of these radicals. The situation is somewhat safer in Andhra Pradesh than it is in other regions of India. Our campus is located in a rural, agricultural area; thus, there are fewer radical Hindu and Muslim fanatics in the area. Nonetheless, please pray for God’s continual protection of our staff, our orphans, our campus, all Christians who live in India, and those who are traveling abroad.

Speaking of traveling abroad, please pray for me before and while I travel to and from Tanzania and Ghana from July 13 – August 2.

TANZANIA: On July 15, I arrive in Kilimanjaro Airport at 1:45 AM. While in Tanzania, I will be meeting the 90 orphans that GEM USA helps. It will be exciting to personally autograph and give each of these orphans, on behalf of GEM USA, their first complete Bible in the Swahili language. I will be preaching, teaching, spending time with the orphans, seeing their living conditions, and planning with Peter Hoetter and Reverend Zakaria Axwesso. Who knows, I might even see a lion—at a safe distance!

GHANA: On July 27, I arrive in Accra, Ghana at 1:00 PM. On August 1, I depart from Ghana at 10:25 PM. Good friends of mine, Reverend Samuel Otoo and his wife, Mercy, invited me to be a part of the ground-breaking ceremony for a planned orphanage and private school for these orphans. After serious prayer, the Lord indicated to my wife, Debbie, and to me that I should go to Ghana for this ceremony. The project will be built on a 15 acre piece of land near the city of Salt Pond. This ceremony will take place on August 31. I will preach in a local church on August 1, and I leave Ghana on August 1 at 10:25 PM. Brother Otoo will acquaint me with the country of Ghana during my stay. On August 2, I arrive in San Diego Airport at 5:00 PM. For those of you who do not know, not a single penny is taken from the contributions of our supporters to pay for any of these overseas trips.

Please pray for me. The furious Enemy does not want me in Africa, and he has been buffeting me these past several weeks. Fortunately, God always has the final word and the ultimate victory. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and financial support. God is using each of you to help promote His ministry.

Serving Christ,

Bernie Wold
President of GEM USA   

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