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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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Summer 2007
Dear Supporters,

Greetings in the name of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

India: In spite of fatigue, illness, shortage of laborers, extreme heat and humidity, the early rains of the Indian subcontinent monsoon season, the shortage of finances, and the attacks of the Enemy, the work goes forward in Andhra Pradesh. We, the board of directors, have been receiving wonderful pictures, via e-mail, of the development of the campus. The pictures tell everything that the words in this newsletter are unable to express. The church building’s first story is complete and roofed. We will build a second story to the church, as funds are available. The second floor will be used as a training center for our widows and for an extra room to hold conferences on the GEM land. We want to rent our buildings to other Christian gatherings that are not directly affiliated with GEM and of course use our buildings for GEM conferences.

The second building structure will be living quarters for our immediate staff and will provide housing for our male orphans. The third building on the campus is a small storage building of raw materials and tools to use as the construction continues. Ultimately, we plan to have eight - nine buildings on our campus of 1.43 acres of land. Since we do not have room to build horizontally, we will build vertically. The buildings will be built in this order: church, male orphan dormitory/staff living quarters, female orphan dormitory, kitchen/dining facility, seminary building and seminary dormitories, medical clinic, and a circular meditation facility. The cost for doing all of this will range from $280,000–$500,000 in U.S. currency. Since several of these buildings will ultimately be three or four stories tall, the cost is very reasonable. The sooner the buildings are completed, the less expensive it will be. The cost of raw materials is constantly escalating. India is a third world country that wants to become part of the industrialized nations in a matter of two decades. With this type of goal, construction is constant and only accelerating. We purchased our little piece of land in June, 2005 and currently our land is at least four times more valuable. The cost of land is out-of-control in India. If we had not purchased the land when we did, we would still be trying to save enough money to simply purchase the land. God allowed His land to be purchased at the perfect time.  

Currently, there are four indigenous churches that are under the “umbrella” of GEM. There are two other bodies of believers, which are also mixed with spiritually hungry Hindus and nomadic peoples. Both of these groups of people need a church building in which to gather. We have another minister of the Gospel working with our GEM staff in India. He is managing on $25.00 a month in U.S. currency. His small congregation, with no church building, supports him as much as they are able. The cost of living for a single man in India is about $50.00 - $60.00 a month in U.S. currency. It is embarrassing that this newest member of our GEM staff is only supported for half of his financial needs
from the United States.

Albania: Ian and Caralee Loring, our missionary contacts, are expecting their third child latter this year. They need our prayers. He is so very busy with his church, helping plant other churches, helping the handicapped, the orphans, the abused, and the elderly. GEM wants to build a facility in Albania that will house orphans, the abused, the handicapped, and the elderly. However, the funds are currently not available to even consider this project.

Tanzania: Peter Hotter is still not completely well from an ongoing infection. He suffered with an open wound, which finally healed after being hospitalized for many months, but the internal infection continues to disable him. He is working with at least 85 orphans who do not have their parents due to their deaths from AIDS. Grandparents or extended family cares for these children. GEM is helping in a small way by paying for some of these childrens’ books, uniforms, and tuition to go to public school. Peter presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children and the extended families. Peter supervises the allocation of GEM monies for the uniforms, textbooks, and tuition. Peter purchased five computers with GEM monies to help these students do their studies.

Request: Usually, there is no direct request in these newsletters for financial support. However, I do ask you to pray and ask your heavenly Father if you should give more to GEM on a regular basis. Our support base is currently a small number of people. As you have read, the needs are great in these three countries and we simply do not have an adequate financial base to go forward with the plans that the Lord has laid on our hearts. Thank you for praying and seeing what God puts on your heart to do. The Lord noticed and appreciated the two pennies that the widow gave at the temple moneybox because she gave from her want, not from her plenty. God bless you in whatever the Lord puts on your heart to give to His GEM work.

Desiring to allow Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to work in and through the GEM team for His glory,

Bernie Wold
President, Global Evangelical Ministries 
Three buildings under construction on our 1.43 acre India campus.
Center ring for the church goes up.
Main residence construction moves ahead.
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