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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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Summer 2010

Dear Supporters,

Far Corners, which is a Christian organization, plans to dig another well for the school and the GEM church building in the near future. When this well is drilled, we will have a well at the front of the property and our “Jacob’s Well” at the rear of the property. Having two wells is essential as the number of people on the campus continues to increase. Please pray that God allows us to strike a good water source in this second well.

Mission India, another Christian organization, is partnering with GEM INDIA to develop a short-term Bible school on our campus to train evangelists and to give additional training to our GEM pastors. Please pray that this coordination of efforts will accomplish “God’s work” and not “our work for God.”
When the four classrooms are ready, the short-term Bible school will use the four classrooms in the multi-purpose building until we open our school for the orphans and the public. When the school for the orphans and the public opens, we will use the church building for the short-term Bible school. We desire to open the medical clinic in one of the six rooms of the multi-purpose building when we can afford to purchase the needed resources and pay for a part-time nurse and a once-a-week doctor. Also, we will use one of the six rooms in the multi-purpose building to have an administration office. Once these rooms are all operational, we will then build a second and third story for the multi-purpose building so that we can expand our educational needs for the Bible school and the private school for the orphans and the public.

Please join us in these prayer requests:
1. Ongoing urgent preparation of the multipurpose building like plastering, electrification, carpentry, etc.
2. School amenities like chairs, tables, ceiling fans, benches, play ground equipment, etc.
3. Dry weather for drilling a second well for the church and multi-purpose building.
4. Susanna’s (Joseph’s daughter-in-law) study for her Bachelor of Education as she secured admission. She will be the first teacher for GEM Private Christian School for the orphans and local students who are able to pay a reasonable tuition fee. If God allows us, this school will open in June 2011.
5. Short-term Bible school to be sanctioned by the organization, Mission India, to train evangelists and give further training to our GEM INDIA pastors.
6. Good health for all of the GEM campus staff and the children as there are dangerous viral sicknesses around them due to continuous heavy rains and flooding. Since the GEM Campus is on high ground, flooding does not threaten the campus.
7. Spiritual growth of GEM church believers in the five GEM churches.

I left the USA on July 13 and returned the evening of August 2. I arrived in Tanzania on July 15. I was so glad to be with Peter Hoetter, to work with him and his board of directors, and to minister to the 90 orphans that Peter and his staff serve in Monduli. These orphans are living with their mother, grandparent(s), or a relative. The fathers have either died from AIDS or have abandoned their wives and children. Most of these orphans live in out-lying villages around Monduli. Many of them live in circular one-room mud huts. They do not have electricity or plumbing. There lives are so difficult; yet, they know nothing different. Most of the board of directors live in simple dwellings. Our kindergarten teacher and our computer teacher live in one-room dwellings while some of the others live in two-room dwellings. All of them have electricity in their dwelling but only one board member enjoys indoor plumbing. Also, Brother Peter does not enjoy indoor plumbing or possess a refrigerator. During my visit, I presented autographed Bibles, translated in the Swahili language, to the older orphans who are proficient in the language. I gave them the Bibles in their kindergarten classroom on Sunday. The very next Saturday the orphans’ Bible school began in the kindergarten room. We have 25 kindergarteners. GEM USA financially assists Peter’s ministry by helping to pay for uniforms, books, and school tuition so these orphans may attend public school. Public schools, in third-world countries, do not provide these things. If a student does not have the money, the student does not go to school. There is a part-time nurse to oversee the medical needs of the orphans. My time in Tanzania was exhausting, but all that needed to be accomplished in my visit was performed.

I flew to Ghana on July 26. I stayed with my friend of 25 years, Reverend Samuel Otoo, and his family. He asked me to be a part in their ground-breaking ceremony some miles away from Salt Pound. This city is near the Atlantic Ocean. The first phase of the construction on the 15 acres of purchased land will begin in the near future. Pastor Otoo, The Solid Foundation Chapel (located in Santa Clarita, CA), GEM USA, and anyone else who wants to help, will build an orphanage and school for Ghanaian orphans and the local villagers. The poverty is extreme in the local village. I had a great time interacting with many of the children who live in this local village. The ground-breaking ceremony was a tremendous blessing.

Before I returned to the USA, I was bitten by a bot fly while I was sleeping. Ultimately, an abscess grew on my right arm near my wrist. The abscess was housing some maggots who were enjoying my flesh. People prayed for me and the maggots were removed by the breath of God. A surgeon needed to remove the dead flesh. He was glad to tell us that I did not have blood poisoning from the abscess. The wound is still healing from the bottom to the top of my skin surface, so I must keep it properly bandaged. I missed ten days of work because the doctor did not want me to contract a secondary infection. This future scar will remind me daily to pray for the orphans and the workers in Africa.

I am so grateful to each one of you who prayed for me during my trip to Africa and after I returned. I really sensed your prayers. I had the grace to endure the trip and the abscess.

Bernie Wold
President of GEM USA
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