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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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Summer 2011

Dear Supporters,

World, February 12, 2011 magazine edition contains an article titled "Worthless!" by Michelle Wright. Highlights of the article are as follows: "In India, the birth of a baby girl often brings grief and shame—and murder. Studies suggest that up to 50 million girls and women are missing from India's population. 'In India, boys have all of the advantages,' said Asha Biswas, a community health nurse who has spent the last 15 years working in villages near the Himalayas. Boys carry on the family name and build up the family wealth. Girls drain resources through dowries. Families will argue, 'What is the point of raising a girl who will spend most of her life serving someone else?' [What a shocking attitude!!! Females are only born to serve. A logical solution would be to stop the dowry practices throughout the land of India via government promotion, but people would violently protest. So, instead, females are considered 'worthless.'] Emmanuel Hospital Association medical officer Tony Biswas said, 'It's hard to judge a woman who is crying because she just delivered a girl when you know that she is probably going to be beaten or abused by her husband or mother-in-law as soon as she gets home.'"

"The Daily News & Analysis reported last October that 'Deepika' gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, in a government hospital in Mumbai, but at night tossed her infant daughter out the window onto the street. The baby died of skull injuries and blood loss, and caregivers discovered rats had chewed through one ear when they found her. Doctors suggested that Deepika had postpartum psychosis syndrome, a diagnosis that exempts her from murder charges, but the newspaper noted that she had thrown out the girl twin, not the boy. The paper also detailed cases where girls had been abandoned, injured, or killed, concluding, 'It can't be a coincidence that whenever a child is kidnapped in the city, it's a boy, and whenever abandoned, it's a girl.' Government agencies have been fighting female gender discrimination and banned gender-revealing ultrasounds in 1994 (although they're still available—'Spend 600 rupees [approximately $13.33] now and save 50,000 rupees [approximately $1,111.11] later,' boasts a popular advertisement for black-market services)."

We read this information and are shocked. However, the USA government legalized abortion in 1972. The USA government has used millions of tax dollars to help fund abortion clinics. Approximately 45 million innocent lives have been murdered in the USA via legalized abortion. Life is cheaper than death in the USA, in India, in China, and throughout the world. What should we do? Each person who believes in Jesus Christ as his or her Savior and Lord needs to ask God, "What do you want me to do for the innocent unborn humans?" For many, He will direct them to earnestly pray and/or fast, for others He will direct them to go into politics or the judicial system to overturn wicked laws that do not protect innocent human lives, for others He will direct…. Every second scores of innocent lives are being butchered to death throughout the world. Please cry out to God on behalf of the millions of lives that are yearly being denied life outside the womb. God of the universe designed "new life" via the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. God offers all of humanity forgiveness of their sins and eternal life. Since God is the originator of life, I believe that God takes all of the miscarried, aborted, and murdered babies into His eternal arms and loves them in heaven. That gives hope, but God wants unborn babies to be loved and valued by their biological parents in this world. Jesus Christ, as a "religious" figure, showed the most love to women and children. All other religions in the world devalue women and girls when compared to men and boys. Only the teachings of Jesus Christ offer love, acceptance, and similar value to men and women, boys and girls..

Special Visit: Founder of GEM, Reverend Joseph Murala, arrived in Chicago on April 14. He stayed with Mark Katzer and his family in Indiana until April 22. The Katzers opened their home so several people who know Joseph could see him and hear directly about GEM INDIA. He then journeyed to Missouri to see some people who wanted to know more about GEM. He stayed with friend his Robert, who met Joseph in India in 1985. It was a most pleasant reunion for them. While visiting Robert, Joseph was made aware of the fact that about 10,000 people from India are living in the Fayette, Missouri area. He was introduced to a small fellowship of Indian believers in Fayette who are now interested in GEM INDIA. After making other new contacts in Missouri, Joseph arrived to California on May 9 and spent his time with the Christen family and with the Wold family. On the evening of May 10, Scott invited family and friends to meet Joseph and to hear what is happening with GEM INDIA. It was an uplifting meeting for all who attended. Scott took Joseph to Pasadena to visit William Carey International University campus where he received his training for his Masters of Theology Degree in the academic school year of 1985 - 1986. He was able to visit many friends that he had not seen since his graduation in 1986. During the afternoon of May 14, we had a meeting in the Wold home so Joseph could meet additional supporters and people who are interested in GEM INDIA. After attending church on May 15, the USA GEM Board of Directors met with Joseph from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. We addressed many important topics and accomplished what we desired in this meeting. On May 16, Joseph flew to Chicago to spent one week with another group of Indian believers. Joseph journeyed back to India to be reunited with his family on May 23.

It is wonderful how the Lord provided the financial means for Joseph to travel to the USA. GEM did not have the financial means to pay for most of the cost of his trip. However, God provided through various people and circumstances which allowed Joseph to come. His time of fellowship with many friends and his opportunity to introduce many others to GEM INDIA was well worth his investment into this ministry of the Lord.

Pray requests:
1. Based on the concerns of supporters, we are going to continue to care for ten orphan boys and begin to care for five orphan girls. We would like to care for many more children, but we do what we can with the financial contribution—of which we are most grateful.
2. The church planting is growing faster than GEM can financially support the pastors. GEM USA gives what it can, but it does not adequately meet these pastors' most basic financial needs.
3. Due to financial limitations, we have postponed until June 2012 the opening of our GEM School for the orphans and any local students who pay a marginal tuition to attend the school. Sister Susanna finished her training in May to be one of the teachers for GEM School, but we must wait for another year. In the meantime, GEM continues to provide the means for the orphans to attend the local public schools.
4. Institute of Community Transformation is now in its seventh month on GEM INDIA campus. Joseph wants to invite some of these men to be part of GEM INDIA. Please pray that Joseph, Pastor Prasad Rao, and Joseph's sons will be given discernment in the invitation process.
5. Please pray for the GEM USA Board of Directors spiritual well-being. We are the financial stewards who only want to use the financial gifts in a manner that is fully endorsed by God. We also have the administrative decisions that are constantly with us. Without God's guidance, we will surely use only our minds, wills, and emotions, when we really need the Holy Spirit guiding our spirits.
6. Please ask God for twelve people and/or households with whom you can share GEM. Also, ask those twelve to share GEM with twelve others, to share with twelve others, etc. We need more prayer and/or financial supporters. Our support base is basically ten households. God has done so much through this support base, but "the fields are white unto harvest" and we see the tremendous growing need.

Specific needs:
(1) A diesel-run generator for the GEM INDIA campus. This will cost at least $5000.00. We will purchase a new and reliable HONDA generator. Long brown-outs are common in the rural areas which includes the GEM INDIA campus.
(2) A vehicle which can carry up to ten passengers. The cost is at least $15,000.00.
(3) The GEM School needs all of the furnishings for each classroom. We will start with four classrooms.
(4) Furnishings for the medical clinic.
(5) Furnishings for the administrative office.
(6) Construction of the second and third stories of the multi-purpose building which has the GEM School, the medical clinic, and the administrative office.
(7) Consistent support for our church-planting pastors and GEM INDIA Staff.
(8) Consistent support for our fifteen orphans.
(9) Consistent support of four teachers for GEM School.

Please pray that the Lord makes it crystal clear to the GEM USA Board of Directors if I am to go to India during part of my Christmas Vacation. If I go, I will be preaching in all of the churches that are under the umbrella of GEM INDIA and performing many administrative tasks with the GEM INDIA Staff.

We are so very grateful to each one of you who prays and/or gives financial support to GEM. I continue to remind myself that GEM is God's ministry. It is a privilege to be a team member with each one of you. May God continue to fill your lives with His tangible and intangible blessings.

For Jesus Christ and His glory,

Bernie Wold

President of GEM USA
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