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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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Summer 2013

GEM English Medium School on GEM INDIA Campus is located between the cities of Leelanagar and Nuzvid. GEM INDIA addressed the great need to start an English medium school as there is no school for the radius of 10 kilometers. It took a lot of time, effort, perseverance, and financial expense to get the permission from India’s Educational Department. We are currently permitted to have classes from Kindergarten to Grade Seven. Our school officially opened on June 10, 2013.

We have admitted over 80 children which is a miraculous response in this remote area. When we have our own school bus for transportation, we will have the ability to bring more children to our school. We are hiring a temporary driver, but he can only accommodate up to twelve children at a time. We are also paying too much for the driver’s services, but we have no choice at this time.

Based on the government’s requirements, we needed to hire 10 qualified teachers. Thankfully, all of the teachers are Christians. Many Hindu families have sent their children to our school since they know our standards and commitment to their children will be superior to the public schools. In addition, we have two campus supervisors to be aware of the children while they are at recess; to escort the children, during class time, to the restrooms; and help in other ways.

We did absolutely no media advertising for the school, but news of the school spread quickly by word of mouth. We are delighted to have our 12 male orphans and 8 female orphans to be attending our school. The adjacent village is sending all of their children to our school. Most private schools start with 10 to 15 students in the first year. God has shown His endorsement of the school by allowing us to open the school and to have over 80 enrolled students.

During this first year, there are minimal admission fees and monthly tuition fees for all of the community students. In this manner, we will draw the parents into an ongoing commitment to send their children to our school. It is a most wonderful evangelical outreach to the community! There is opportunity to have daily chapel since it is a private school. We are excitedly anticipating how God will draw these children and their families into His spiritual family!

Needs and challenges:

  • A new school bus that can accommodate at least 25 students, but preferably 35 students.
  • Benches for students.
  • Tables and chairs for teachers.
  • Stationery and office equipment.
  • Fifteen computers for the student computer lab.
  • Two printers for the student computer lab.
  • Two computers and two printers for administrative use.
  • Five computers and two printers for teacher use.
  • More play equipment for the children on the playground. Currently, we have a small Merry-go-Round.
  • Monthly payment for teachers and staff.
  • Build five classrooms on the second floor of our educational building.
  • 15 – 20 ceiling fans for the administration office and the classrooms.

Ministry opportunities are bursting forth faster than we can personally and financially address them! Thank you for your ongoing prayerful and financial support. May God continue to bless you even as you are a blessing to GEM.

In Christ,  

Bernie Wold,   President of GEM USA

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