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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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GEM Summer/Fall 2008
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Praise the Lord! God enabled us to extend our GEM ministry even to Vissannapet. Now we have our GEM fellowship in four areas. They are: VissannaPet, Parvathapuram, Raghavapuram and Leela nagar.

Every Sunday we conduct a worship service in Parvathipuram at 11 o’clock in the morning. Parvathapuram is a major village near VissannaPet. When we visited the area we found no Christian in this village. There we are working among heathens. Nearly ten people attend the worship service. The majority of them are Erukula and Gouda people. They are very poor people. We gather in a small hut for worship. God is doing His miraculous work among these people. Though they are untouchables in the society they are happy now because God is touching their lives. We distributed some gospel materials  to them. It helped us to reach some educated people. Please pray for these people so that God may touch their hearts. Also pray for a good shelter for people to gather for worship. This shelter helps many people come to God.

VissannaPet is a major town near our GEM campus. We started a prayer group here. Now nearly twenty-five people attend our worship service here in this town. We gather in a small house for worship. The entire congregation is from Hindu background. We are now evangelizing them. God is doing His wonderful deeds among them. When we prayed for a young man for his admission in Bachelors of Education College, God gave the answer. Along with this, God did many wonders among these people. Many were healed and were blessed. Through GEM’s help, we distributed some clothes to helpless, poor, and needy. We also freely distributed some gospel tracts and Bibles. Our Jireh helped us to do social ministry along with spiritual ministry. Please pray for a convenient place for worship so that many will come to God.

Raghavapuram is a tribal area. Prominently the Gangireddula people live here. God also enabled us to expand our ministry even to this ‘socially neglected’ people. There are nearly fifty families living here in small huts. They have no facilities. The words like God, Good News, Jesus, fellowship, etc. are new to them. Rice, the common food in Southern India, is a rare item for them. They live by begging. The most civilized, so called ‘modern mob’, keeps them away. When we visited them, God’s love forced us to keep them away from sin. When we shared the Good News about Jesus, they heard the salvation story with interest and received it very happily. They are happy to know that there is a Savior. God touched some of them. Nearly five people are ready for baptism now. Weekly, we gather under a tree for prayer and the Word of God. When we prayed for them, miraculously the government sanctioned houses for them. Now they are proudly saying that their God is not only the Savoir but also He is the prayer answering God. Please pray for the local tribal leaders so that God will change them, and it helps more people to come to God. Also, pray for a shelter for prayer and preaching rather than gathering under trees.

Leela Nagar Colony
The GEM campus is located adjacent to Leela Nagar village. There are nearly fifty houses in this village. God provided a good building for prayer services on the GEM campus.  Praise God, nearly thirty people attend the services regularly. God is adding the number slowly to the church. We conduct fasting-prayer services, children’s Sunday school, all night prayer meetings, women fellowship, house prayers, along with regular Sunday services. People also come from surrounding places. We are also using our vehicle for transporting the people. God is doing His wonders among these people. People are being blessed spiritually. There are nearly five people ready for baptism. Please pray for them. Also, we are conducting a seminar for local pastors on the fourth Monday of every month on our GEM campus.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for each of our believers’ health—spiritually and physically, the on-going construction of the GEM campus, introducing the seminary soon, the children, and for our strength and God’s leading in the GEM staffs’ lives.

June 22-24, 2008: GEM conducted its first crusade on the campus. There were heavy monsoonal rains during the entire crusade. Nonetheless, 70 people came each day. A special lunch was served on the 23rd and the 24th. Night sessions included fasting-prayer services. We prayed for the GEM workers, supporters, the ministry at large, and for those who were attending the crusade. Many new people came to our campus for the first time. They are inspired to fellowship with us on a regular basis.

GEM U.S.A. sent money to purchase five sewing machines. Each one cost $70.00 in U.S. currency. We train eight widows and/or poor women during two separate shifts. We have hired a local tailor to train them. This is like, ‘teaching to fish instead of giving a fish regularly.’ This makes people busy rather than being lazy.

September 12, 2008 - State Orissa: This bordering state is about 250 miles from the GEM campus. The state is primarily Hindu. They are radical and have viciously attacked Christians. Many Christians have fled for their lives. Many have left the state of Orissa. They left everything behind them. At least five Christians were brutally tortured and martyred. Many Christians are being persecuted. The government of Orissa is Hindu. They have ignored the situation. However, we strongly believe and pray that God is going to change these Hindus and bless them. We believe that this situation will only expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ into many Hindus’ lives. The blood of God’s children does not go unnoticed by God. New seed is planted with the blood of the martyrs which will produce a great crop of souls who will enter into a personal relationship with God.

We appreciate your on-going prayers and financial support so that GEM India may continue to minister to those who desperately need Jesus. He is our only hope in this world.


Reverend Joseph Murala

Edited by Bernie Wold
President of GEM USA
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