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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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GEM 2007: Christmas Celebration in India

Dear Supporters,

Christmas is certainly a festival of praise as God has given us His only Son for saving us and in turn we praise God for His kindness! Global Evangelical Ministries of India has an extra praise to God for giving us a beautiful building of sixty feet by thirty-six feet in size to worship the Lord. From this facility, we will continue to train gospel workers for planting churches and to train poor widows in some self-supporting trades. The Lord has also given another building as a residence for our GEM staff and orphan kids to live together. We started this challenging task in January, 2007, and the Lord enabled us to miraculously dedicate these two buildings on December 12, 2007. We praise God for His kindness to us. “…we are [His] slaves, yet in our bondage, our God has not forsaken us, but He has extended lovingkindness to us…[He has] revived us to raise up the house of our God [in India]”  (Ezra 9:9). We are so grateful to our GEM supporters for their generosity; we are so grateful to our GEM prayer supporters; we are so grateful to our GEM board members in the USA for their efforts. Please join us at the Lord’s feet and praise Him for the wonders that He has performed.

Prayer Requests:

GEM Home: GEM staff lives with the orphans under the same roof to create a family environment for them.

GEM House of Worship: This building is not only a worship hall on Sundays, but it is also a training center throughout the week for future and current gospel workers. It is also a training center for the local widows. Seminars for youth, couples, and people of different walks of life will also occasionally take place here.

GEM Campus: Special prayers are openly conducted on the campus for the sick and needy on Wednesdays.

GEM Outreach: We are reaching the unreached tribal groups like the Erukula, Gangireddula, and Yanadi.  In addition, we are sharing the gospel to the Hindus while planting new churches.

GEM Model School: Some schools in India prioritize English and some other native languages. Therefore, we wish to have a model school of high educational standards while giving equal importance to both Telugu & English. The local language in Andhra Pradesh is Telugu. Thus, our students need to be trained in both languages.

GEM Health Care Center: There are no hospitals near the GEM Campus within a radius of 10 kilometers. Sometimes the patients die due to the lack of access to the hospital. Therefore, GEM desires to have a first aid clinic to help the local people who are in trouble. There will be no cost applied to the patients, as this is another avenue of outreach to the local people. Medical camps, for general physical check-ups and medication, could be arranged on our campus to help the people in remote areas.

GEM Counseling Cell: Our GEM office serves as an open door for counseling the restless men and women of any religion, caste, or creed. We solicit your prayers for our Lord’s sake!

Thanking you for your prayers,

Reverend Joseph Murala
Founder of GEM

What an awesome testimony of God’s blessing in India! From the prayer requests list, you are able to understand what is presently occurring or is planned to occur in GEM India. We have completed the first phase of several phases for the GEM campus in India. Now, we are asking for God’s leading, timing, and provision for the second phase. We of the USA GEM Board of Directors are also truly grateful for each one who has been involved in seeing this ministry move forward. We trust that God will wonderfully bless you and your families for your involvement in this God-directed ministry. He and only He merits all of our love, faithfulness, worship, praise, adoration, and thankfulness for what He accomplished for us in His birth, life, death, and victorious resurrection. He is the One true God for all of humanity. May God continue to wonderfully bless you and yours!

We wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Desiring to allow Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to work in and through the GEM team for His glory,

Bernie Wold
President, Global Evangelical Ministries

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