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Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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Spring 2014

GEM Home Vijayawada, INDIA: For the past two years, Andhra Pradesh has been politically moving toward becoming two States. Unless current political plans change, Vijayawada will ultimately become the capital of Andhra Pradesh. The construction, based on financial ability, of GEM Home Vijayawada for urban ministry also began nearly two years ago. The first floor was completed in late January, 2014. A dedication service for the unfinished structure occurred on February 14, 2014. Approximately 100 people attended the function and a satisfying lunch was served for the attendants. Reverend Joseph Murala, the Founder and Director of GEM India, with his wife Lalitha, dedicated the building to God. Unfortunately, we could not take pictures of the dedication ceremony as our camera, which we have been using for 10 years, completely stopped functioning. We need to purchase a new digital camera.

Ms. Glory Sowjanya, our Treasurer, her husband, John, and their daughter are currently renting one of the two bedroom dwellings on first floor. Joseph’s eldest son, Abraham Sudheer, is currently in charge of this urban ministry of GEM. His wife, Sudha, and son, Jonathan, are with him. They live in the second two bedroom dwelling on first floor. Abraham is also taking training to help as a Hindi language teacher. The second floor will be our worship center. The  second floor will also function as a shelter for the destitute children and widows from the local streets. Under supervision, the destitute children and widows will sleep on mats on second floor. If we have the funding, we will provide nightly evening meals followed by Christian instruction.

Future Plans: In time, there will be a one bedroom dwelling on the second floor for the supervision of the orphans and widows. When construction is completed for the third and fourth floors, the third floor will become the work center for widows and destitute children. The products they produce, such as attractive paper plates and hand-made jewelry, will be sold easily at local businesses. Most of the proceeds from the sales will help purchase food, clothing, sleeping mats, and medical attention for these children and widows. The remaining proceeds will be used to purchase raw materials for our simple industries. We most certainly need to purchase a plate maker which costs approximately $1,500. The fourth floor will house the male destitute children and the second floor will then house only the female destitute children and the widows.

GEM INDIA Budget: Currently, our monthly budget in India is $2,000. If God supplies more support, the budget needs to increase immediately. All of our laborers in India are underpaid, but presently, we do not have the means to address this problem. We have used all of our reserve money in the USA GEM Bank Account for additional expenses overseas; thus, further construction of GEM Home Vijayawada is currently halted which hinders our ability to minister to the destitute children and widows.

GEM Sewing Training Centers: Our GEM INDIA Campus Sewing Training Center has benefited more than 40 widows and poor women. We are now taking the two sewing machines to another GEM church. As one GEM church completes preliminary training, the two sewing machines are relocated to another GEM church. When God allows, we would prefer simultaneously assisting the widows and poor women at each of the GEM churches. A new sewing machine costs $60. We certainly need 14 more sewing machines. If we have a total of 16 sewing machines, we can permanently house two sewing machines at the first eight GEM churches. We hope to start two more churches in the next few months.

GEM English Medium School: Nearly 100 children, grades 1 - 7, have been regularly attending our English school on GEM INDIA Campus. Our ten qualified Christian teachers are faithfully serving the students. They have worked for a lesser salary this year than the government schools. They need higher salaries for the upcoming second school year. Each teacher earns approximately $100 per month. We are praying that God will allow us to pay them more during the second school year. The learning capacity of the children is developing fast and the teachers are pleased with their ongoing efforts. The teachers are completely committed and cooperating with our administration. A good reputation about our school is creating more hope to have more children in the next academic year. Ten more computers, four printers, a power point system, and a few more types of playing equipment are needed for the school children during our second year of school. The drinking water bore well has recently been repaired, but drinking water containers are also needed for our students. The cost for these materials will be approximately $5,000.

Canvassing: Summer break lasts from the last week of April through the first week of June. During the last week of April and the first week of June our teachers will canvas the area around our campus. They will go to the homes of our current students and go to many other homes recruiting more students for our school. God willing, we will have 200 students enrolled in GEM School for the 2014 – 2015 academic school year.
Bus: Please pray that God will supply the means to purchase a 26-seater school bus. The cost will be approximately $30,000. Without the bus, we cannot gather more students into the GEM School.
GEM Home Children: 15 of our GEM Home children come from remote tribal areas which are eight hours away from GEM INDIA Campus. Six of the hours are spent via train. Due to their extremely limited educational background, we did not expect much improvement in their education; however, as the school year has progressed, they have given us tremendous joy through their rapid improvement in their education. They come from undisciplined, non-Christian and nominal Christian families. However, now they live as good Christian children. All of us who live in GEM Home on GEM INDIA Campus have daily family and personal prayers with Bible reading and instruction. Now our orphans sing beautiful Christian songs, action songs, and offer prayers. Their improvement is beyond our expectations. If we have the financial means, we will bring 30 – 40 students from the remote tribal areas for the second year of school.

GEM Churches: All eight churches of GEM INDIA are growing spiritually. We are planning and praying for some more new worship centers. We need to buy two sites in two different places to build temporary sheds for worship. Ten people were baptized on March 1, 2014 at Kunaparaju Parva, and some more people are getting ready to be baptized in the near future. All of our churches are experiencing spiritual growth due to God’s ongoing grace. Regular fasting, prayer, and Gospel meetings are conducted in all of our churches.

GEM TANZANIA: Our faithful German Brother Peter Hoetter steadily holds the Gospel course with his two faithful workers in Monduli. Grace continues to teach our 20 kindergartners while Ancilla addresses the medical needs of our 150+ orphans. The work is becoming overwhelming for Ancilla, and she is developing chronic health conditions. There are jealous people in Monduli, some who even call themselves Christians, who are being used by Satan to attack our work. One evil man falsely accused Grace and Ancilla of being prostitutes and stated that our GEM Educational Center was a brothel. This man went to the police, was unruly with the police, and is now in jail awaiting trial. Though the local authorities in Monduli fully endorse our work, Ancilla does not feel safe to go outside of our center; nonetheless, she faithfully continues to serve the orphans who are scattered throughout Monduli and the outskirts of this city.

Peter’s health condition continues to hinder him, but he stays in Tanzania to serve the orphans. We need people from the USA to serve in Tanzania either for a short-term commitment or a long-term commitment. Please share this need with your Christian friends. GEM Tanzania desperately needs additional laborers since Tanzania is ripe unto harvest. Please pray with us regarding this ever growing need. If God is leading you to serve in Tanzania, please contact Bernie Wold at (951) 301-4443. We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support. Please ask God to shower us with additional support and supporters. May God continue to wonderfully bless you.

Because of God’s grace,

Bernie Wold
President of GEM USA       

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