The Dedicated GEM Staff
Each GEM staff member has been trained to provide orphans and widows with the best of care and to help offer them new lives and hope.
Rev. Joseph Murala
Joseph founded and leads Global Evangelical Ministries which registered with the government of India in December 2000 for the spiritual and social improvement of the people. Born to converted parents, at 19 years of age he was called to full-time ministry and had 7 years of theological training. He has served the Lord in the capacity of a lecturer and principal in Bible colleges, a pastor in churches, a preacher on the radio and an evangelist for 30 years. Complete Bio
Lalitha Murala
A prayerful and devout woman of God, Lalitha is Joseph's partner for life and in Joseph's ministry. She comes from a converted and dedicated Christian family, and is the mother of their 4 girls and 2 sons, who are also dedicated to full-time ministry. She supports Joseph and their family in many ways so he can venture into the ministry and also assists him as the treasurer of GEM in India.
Abraham Murala
An enthusiastic young man and the the first son of Joseph and Lalitha, Abraham became born again during his intermediate studies, called by God into ministry, underwent Bible training four years and earned a Bachelor of Theology degree. He now serves as the president of GEM in India presently located at Vijayawada, in the State of Andhra Pradesh.
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V. Joel. Mine
I came from a small village called Sivapuram in W.G.District of Andhra Pradesh. I have a brother and a sister. My family members were first Hindus, later they became Roman Catholics. They used to go to church only during festivals. They lived as nominal Christians and daily laborers. We come from a very poor backward.

My life used to be terrible. I was a slave to many bad practices. I spent my student life very badly. I never paid attention to the exhortations of my parents. I thought that when my parents are nominal Christians, why should not I live like this? One day one pastor came to me while I was gambling. When he talked to me, there were many other men with me, but he particularly called me to Church service. I was also motivated in my heart to go to prayer. The pastor preached on Acts 2:37-42 that day. Those words touched my heart. When he explained about why Jesus came into this world and died on the cross, I realized that Christ died for my sins. Verses 37-38 convicted my heart and brought confession that I was a sinner. Then I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. Then I decided to live as new man. I was inspired to live for Him, serve Him and win souls for Him. I had no desire to continue my studies and do any other job than serve Him.

After few days of accepting Jesus, I got baptized on 21-3-2000. Then I had a desire to go to a Bible College and know more about Jesus but I had no knowledge about any Bible School. One day I read about a Bible School in the newspaper. I applied and joined that Bible School in Guntur. I studied there for 3 years and after finishing that training, I am serving the Lord full time especially among the tribal people that have never heard the gospel in Vissannapet area. My parents are very old and sickly now. I am yet to be married. Please pray for my marriage, ministry and family.

I feel very happy to work with GEM Fellowship. Before I joined this ministry I felt some loneliness and had nobody to ask for my well being. But when I entered GEM, I found a good base to have fellowship, to be taught and to learn & lean on. I feel this is my family and I love this.

In His Service, V.Joel

(Joel studied theology under Joseph Murala for one year and he is now serving the Lord in fellowship with Global Evangelical Ministries. He is helping Abraham Sudheer in planting new churches among Erukula, Yanadi, Gangireddula tribes who normally eat rats, cats, pigs and live by tending pigs and traditionally begging alms.)
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Prakash Murala
I am Joshua Prakash Murala, born in a Christian family and my father is a pastor.

Before I was born to my parents, as they were praying for a male child, God has promised them male children and my mom dedicated my brother and me to His service. I was brought up in a strong Christian faith and used to follow the Christian rituals. Even though I knew nothing about God, He made me known that His presence is with me by saving me from many dangers.

I had much interest in Astronomy from childhood and strongly determined to become a scholar in that. But as I grew, I was attracted towards worldly friendships and left eternal friendship. I started to look at earthly efforts, comforts and support than eternal ones. I neglected my studies and devotion towards God.

This made me to neglect God and negotiate new friends where I felt the worldly freedom not the Wordly freedom. While I was in PUC, one day I was playing cricket with my friends in our college, suddenly I fell down and could not able to play the match. And in Hospital, doctors declared that my spine was strained and my legs became weak... as a result, I could not able to walk for six months. As I was in depression, I began to question God. In this time, I did many sins against God. As I was in bed, God spoke with me many times through His servants. One day He spoke with me with the story of  ‘the healing of a paralytic man and the call of Levi (Mk 2nd Ch). Then I confessed my sins and determined to follow Him. I was healed from my sickness and I was baptized on eighth of April ’01. Again, I tried to join Aeronautics, mailed and contacted many, but no way! Everything seems closed. I joined a bible college just for time pass with a compelling suggestion of a Pastor. Later I wanted to continue that. One day I attended a Gospel meeting, there the preacher was preaching on the Prodigal Son (Luke 15th Ch). I responded to God’s call for the ministry and I submitted my life to His mighty and marvelous hands and determined to live a pious, pure and perfect life for Him and to share His eternal and everlasting love to the lost.

God helped me to gain the bachelors degree in theology. Now He gave me the opportunity to work in Global Evangelical Ministries. I am assisting in the local GEM church and helping in accounting matters and children.

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