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Watch for updates as GEM continues to grow its support in Tanzania. Below are some recent photos of ophans at school plus a newsletter update.
Giving Widows and Orphans a Future
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“Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked” (Psalm 82:3-4).

GEM USA is assisting Brother Peter Hoetter in Monduli, Tanzania. The aim of Peter and his team is to provide an education to the orphans that they serve. In addition, the students receive the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Brother Peter Hoetter
Hearing God’s call upon his life, Brother Peter Hoetter, born in 1957 in Germany, left his job as a food inspector in 1987 and followed Jesus. In 1988, Peter heard God calling him overseas. Even as God said to Abraham, God said to Brother Peter, “Leave your country and family and go where I will send you.” He went to a mission in the country of Sierra Leone in West Africa, while the country was being ravaged by civil war. In 1997, God called Peter to the country of Tanzania in East Africa. He works with the poorest of the poor. He has worked with the sick in the hospitals, with street children, and with disabled people. Peter is trained as a pastoral worker for handicapped people. In 2003, God called Peter to start a special project in order to help orphans and widows. He receives support from people in Germany, but the support is not adequate. Peter lives very frugally. He lives among the people. He has managed for many years without a refrigerator. He has lived for many years in a simple one-room dwelling.

Goal: The goal of this project is to give spiritual and physical food, clothing, medical treatment, and education to as many of the two million orphans in Tanzania as possible. With no assistance, orphans live on the streets begging for food and/or stealing from the local peasant population. In 2006, GEM USA began to financially assist Peter’s ministry. He purchased several computers and titled the computer center GEM Education for Orphans.

Monduli, Tanzania
GEM Education for Orphans Computer Center is located in Monduli. This small city has a population of 3,000 people. Monduli is near the base of the Mount Kilimanjaro mountain range that reaches as high as 9,000 feet. Monduli is the gateway to the famous Serengeti Grasslands and Ngorongoro Crater. Many of the local people are farmers—the Massai. Since rain is very limited, the harvests are always too small to adequately support the people. Theft, robbery, and corruption steadily increase.

A serious problem in Tanzania is auto immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Many children lost one or both of their parents, primarily to the AIDS epidemic, but also to abandonment. Currently, there are more than one hundred orphans in the ministry’s kindergarten. Many of these orphans live with their grandparents who do not have the money to buy them clothes or to send them to the government schools.

Orphan’s Center
Though we desire to give more, GEM TANZANIA gives limited contributions at this time to the expenses for the orphans’ clothing, medical treatment for the orphans (some who have already contracted AIDS), school books, and a facility to teach kindergarten. The orphans stay for one year in the kindergarten before bringing them to the government primary schools. Peter’s ministry continues to pay for their school uniforms, school lunches, school fees, school books, etc. If they get sick, the nurse takes care of them, brings them to the hospital, cares for them, visits them in their homes, and provides them with necessary medicines.

After completing primary school, the orphans are financially supported to go to government secondary schools. The ministry pays for their school fees, school uniforms, school lunches, school books, etc. In case of illness, the nurse cares for them.

After completing secondary school, the orphans are financially supported to get further education so that they have a profession to financially care for themselves. The orphans are accompanied from kindergarten through higher education. We want them to live free, normal lives.

In addition to the educational project, there is the ministry office to assist widows and the orphans through their various challenges. They receive guidance, medical help, and various physical needs are addressed.

With the computer school, the orphans get free teaching of basic computer skills in order to go on for further education and/or to ultimately find a job.

Peter’s Team
Currently, we have a team of three founders—a chairperson, a secretary, and me (Peter). Also, we have seven members who volunteer their help on a daily basis. We have a qualified teacher for our kindergarten orphans, a qualified teacher for our computer school, and a nurse for our orphans. These teachers and the nurse are full-time employees who depend on supporters’ donations. All of us willingly give our lives for the benefit of our orphans, our widows, and anyone else who comes to us for help.

My primary role involves being the accountant. As accountant, my responsibilities include: to find sponsors, write reports about our projects, accurately account for all the donations, decide where to allocate the money, and to make sure that the money is used precisely for its intended purpose. Honesty, integrity, and accountability to the team and our supporters are my absolute convictions.

Your prayers are so vital. Without the direction and blessing of God, everything will be in our
strength—which is vanity. Please pray that God will enable us to adequately help these children, widows, and others to have a better life, to have a better future, and to personally experience the love of God in their lives.

DONATIONS given to GEM USA can be designated to GEM TANZANIA’S needs:
1) $50.00 in USA currency will enable the education of one orphan for one year.
2) Financial assistance in the salaries of our workers.
3) Financial assistance to help us buy a house for our Orphans Center. Currently, we are renting a house.
4) Financial assistance to build a guest house for tourists. This will allow us to raise money for the daily needs of our Orphans Center. With the continued financial support from our supporters and the income from the tourist house we will be able to expand our ministry for the spiritual and physical benefit of more orphans and widows.

As you prayerfully listen to God, He will faithfully direct you in the way you may help us. We are most grateful for anything you are able to do.

For those of you who may want to contact me directly, my email address is:

Visit: We would be thrilled if you came to visit us. You would see our work; you could stay with us and labor with us for a period of time—if you desired this; and/or you could just relax, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and go to the national parks to meet some of the world’s last rhinos.

We express our sincere gratitude to each one who is praying and/or financially supporting us. We are praying for you. May God marvelously bless you!

Serving Christ,

Brother Peter Hoetter
Kindergarten Class
in August 08
Class photo
New orphan center with office,  kindergarten room, computer room
Students at work in the computer room
Students at play
Peter with students
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